implement multi vendor shop

DROPUX Marketplace is the first B2B online sales platform for suppliers in Mexico who are looking to distribute their products through e-commerce to other customers, companies, and distributors with options, special wholesale prices, and a wholesale environment. The project DROPUX B2B Marketplace publishes their products in an owned platform online, and also helps distributors and wholesalers easily reach other whole buyers and customers throughout the country. To create a ready-to-use, complex marketplace for Mexican suppliers, customers, and wholesalers. As the main task was to create a marketplace for hundreds of sellers from Latin America and other countries, it was decided to make the vendor’s business as convenient as possible. After registering, the vendors of DROPUX Marketplace get a ready-to-use and adjustable online store. We have developed the “Notifications for vendors” add-on so that the admin can notify vendors directly in the administration panel of updates, news, or promotions. This functionality is available in the Marketing menu — Notifications to vendors. With the chat system, a vendor can ask questions directly from the vendor’s panel. The chat box appears in the bottom-left corner in pop-up form. It allows vendors to contact the administrators and immediately clarify any issues. To provide the ability to review the vendor ratings, we implemented a new feature for customers called “Vendor ratings.” The information is displayed on the product details page in the storefront — Company Profile tab. Customers are able to see the following information about the seller: location, total number of transactions, average of positive feedback, and promised ship-out time. The same information is displayed in the vendor area on the main dashboard. Crete website similar to Amazon with the professional help offered there.

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